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Welcome to the Magical, Mystical World of Unicorns

ince mankind was first able to record the happenings of his world, there has always been a secret fellowship pf those who enjoy friendship with the Unicorn.

These folk have recorded in word and by art, their relations with these fey creatures. Though now the fellowship is few in number, yet do they follow an ancient custom to aid them in their simple quest.

Wherever a unicorn is seen, or found, they mark the spot with a cairn of stones, cunningly laid from large to small, as I show here. Also there may be a spiral drawn in the sand, or a similar device etched upon a wall, tree or rock.

"If thou findst such a sign, well mayst thou tremble, and know that thou art not alone".

"Today it is said that the unicorn never existed. However, it is marvelously clear that when the unicorn was first described and centuries later when the tapestries were woven, everyone believed in unicorns."

Marianna Mayer, The Unicorn and the Lake

E may never know precisely when or where or how the legend of the unicorn was born. Indigenous people have etched its image upon cave walls, poets have immortalised it in verse, tapestries have depicted tales of its magic and authors have written eulogies.

Perhaps the fascination with this creature is its seeming purity. Perhaps, it is man's need to imagine a magic world inhabited by such fantastical creatures like unicorns, dragons, mermaids, fairies and wizards to ward off the seemingly painful occurences of everyday life? 

This website is a collection of the best published information available and some that is just coming to light. For instance, though the Asians, Europeans, and the peoples of the Americas have written all about their particular genus of unicorn, nothing has been written about the unicorns of Africa, the cradle of mankind...and perhaps of the unicorn also?

The sheer beauty and mysterious purity of the unicorn remains a symbol of an elusive quality, sought after by men since time began. Embued with qualities of magic, strength and innocence , these wondrous creatures offer mankind the dream of a simple, strong, magical and pure existence, a oneness with the elements that make up our world and an understanding of what is truly important to life.

Info and artwork on this page based loosely upon 'History of the Unicorn' by Odell Shepard and 'Unicornis' by Michael Green


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