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African unicorns

frican unicorns, perhaps due to this continent having so many wide, open and uninhabited natural spaces, have not developed in quite such a sophisticated way as their European or American relatives.

African peoples are traditionally, as with most indigenous people, much more in tune with the natural world than urban populations and it is quite a commonplace occurence for them to come across a unicorn, or even a 'charm' of unicorns close to rivers, in forests and on mountain slopes.

Although tremendously shy, a family of these unique unicorns was spied as recently as 1992 near Uige in Angola, among the huge natural forests that occur there. They are greatly revered among tribal peoples among whom it is taboo to kill one.

Among certain isolated tribes, it is the custom to send young maidens to seek and befriend these rare creatures and to spend a period of time with them in isolation. The magic inherent in the unicorn then pervades the vitality of these maidens providing them with extraordinary abilities of perception, understanding and insight, which make them invaluable members of their society.

It has been reported that through rarity and loneliness unicorns must have mated with various species of antelope, perhaps their nearest relative. One of these was observed in the Masai Mara,having beautiful pale cream and brownish stripes, rather like the Quagga and not the black and white stripes of todays zebra. The resulting offspring have the shaggier characteristics of the original unicorn, with soft stripey patterns on their faces and into their necks and manes.

Throughout Africa regions, sightings of various different 'styles' of unicorn have been reported, some with markings and some in various different shades, depending on the locale, but all are universal in the sight of the one horn growing from the forehead and the cloven hooves.


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