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Ruth Sanderson and Jane Yolen

Long ago, unicorns lived in a haven of sun-dappled glades and flower-filled dells. But as civilization spread over the ages--with its fierce knights, chugging trains, and thick smogs--unicorns had to find a new sanctuary. But where? Jane Yolen finds a magical answer in the traditional unicorn myth stories. Her rhythmic, rhymed text is irresistible to read aloud. And Ruth Sanderson's brilliant artwork gives unicorns a bold reality in everything from ancient cave paintings to their secret, present-day home. We love this one for reading snuggled up together aloud.

Illustrated by Ruth Sanderson Simon and Schuster ISBN# 0-689-82465-3

A.A. Attanasio
This is a stirring Dragon Unicorn environmental story about preserving old-growth forests. With help from the king's young daughter, Valerio the dragon and Allegra the unicorn convince King Orlando to stop cutting down trees and preserve a part of the forest for humans and animals to share. Beautiful full color unicorn and dragon picture story illustrations make this one a real treasure.



Sylvaine Nahas
This is a sweet, uplifting story of a boy refusing to give up his dream. This Unicorn Legend will be treasured by kids of all ages and is brought to life through colorful, dreamlike paintings by Bimba Landmann.

ISBN-10: 0823055809; ISBN-13: 978-0823055807


Wish on a Unicorn
Karen Hesse

Sixth grader Maggie feels burdened by her seven-year-old sister Hannie, who is slightly brain-damaged and believes that a toy unicorn has magical powers, until one afternoon a crisis shows her how special Hannie is. Be prepared To Wish on a Unicorn and enter a magical realm.

Square Fish, Published: March 2009ISBN: 978-0-312-37611-6, ISBN-10: 0-312-37611-1
  The Unicorn Treasury
Bruce Coville

This is a collection of poems and short stories compiled by Bruce Coville with fantastic illustrations from Tim Hildebrandt (whose brother Greg is also a superb Unicorn artist). Some of the stories are actually excerpts from longer books, such as a snip from the Narnia book The Last Battle. Bruce Coville's own story, Homeward Bound is a masterpiece and the book is worth it for this story alone. Other contributors are Megan Lindholm, Jane Yolen, and Jennifer Roberson.

1988 Doubleday, NY
ISBN: 0-385-24-000-7

  Julie and the Unicorn

Julie, seven years old, moves with her family to Texas. Julie's classmates treat her differently and she's lonely. One day, Julie hears a tap on the window. She opens it and in flies a unicorn named Sparkles. Sparkles brings Julie to her fairy land, showing her how unicorns get along with each other.We love Julie and the Unicorns brave journey.
  The Secret of the Unicorn

We love the little mini -sized editions of this six-part series features Emily, Adriane, and Kara, who are drawn into the woods to a portal to another world through which strange, but peaceful, animals have emerged. Discover the Secret of the Unicorn and be enchanted.
  A Special Friend
Linda Chapman

Lauren is almost sure that Moonshine, the scruffy grey pony at the dealer's stable, is another secret unicorn who hasn't yet found a unicorn friend to turn her into her magical shape. Feeling sorry for the lonely pony, Lauren pays her a visit and is surprised to see a strange boy talking softly to Moonshine and stroking her. Michael explains that he loves ponies but his foster parents won't let him have one because, among other things, they live in the city. Lauren and her unicorn, Twilight, are certain that Michael is the special friend that Moonshine needs and are determined to unite them before the summer holidays end and Michael has to return home.

Publisher: Mammoth
ISBN: 9781405206228
Publication date: November 2002
  A Winter Wish
Linda Chapman

It all started when Lauren first moved to the countryside from the city and discovered that her ordinary little pony was anything but ordinary, for when she recited a secret spell, Twilight turned into a unicorn with magical powers! From that moment on, Lauren and Twilight learned how to use magic to help their friends solve their problems. And now Lauren and Twilight are back in a magical new and exciting wintertime adventure.

Publisher: Puffin Books
ISBN: 9780141318462
Publication date: October 2004
  Unicorn Wings (Step Into Reading: A Step 2 Book)
by Mallory Loehr and Pamela Silin-Palmer

"I wish I had wings." The white unicorn can heal wounds with his horn. He can make rainbows. But what he really wants is to fly. So he sets off on a quest — past birds and butterflies — to find wings of his own.

ISBN13: 9780375831171
ISBN10: 0375831177
  the unicorn alphabet
Marianna Mayer

Following up their first joint effort ( The Unicorn and the Lake ), Mayer and Hague have produced an alphabet book centering on the perennially popular unicorn. Each page portrays the legendary white animal with some related aspect of flora, fauna or myth that corresponds to the featured letter ( X and Z are a bit of a stretch). A decorative border displays a flower or plant of medieval or more ancient significance, whose name also begins with the appropriate letter. Hague, whose glowing illustrations have lit up the pages of many reissued classics, has provided paintings that seem for the most part limp and uninspired. For diehard unicorn enthusiasts only. Ages 6-up.

Publisher: Dial (September 29, 1989)

ISBN-10: 0803703724
ISBN-13: 978-0803703728
the eyes of the unicorn
Teresa Bateman

The author of the ALA Notable Book "Keeper of Souls" delivers the story of a young servant girl determined to save a magical unicorn from the clutches of a duke, who wants to slay the beast for its enchanted horn. Full color.
The hunt for the unicorn is under way, for the Duke and his men are greedy for its magical horn. As the nobles ride off on their fine steeds, Tanisa, the exhausted serving girl, finally has a chance to rest. She awakens to two astonishing sights: a pure white unicorn resting his head in her lap and the Duke's son, whose arrow is poised to slay the beast. But the unicorn's eyes possess great powers. If the Duke's son dares to gaze into them, nearly anything could happen.

ISBN13: 9780823417285
ISBN10: 082341728x

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