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monoceros - the unicorn constellation






Meaning: Unicorn


mon oss' sir us



Mon, Mono


Monocerotis (mon awe sir awe' tiss)




481.57 square degrees (1.167% of the sky)


• Monoceros is usually associated with the unicorn, but the constellation is itself "modern."
• Monoceros boasts the two most massive stars yet discovered. The two blue-giants are estimated to be some 55 times the size of the sun, and they revolve around each other. Together they are known as Plaskett's Star.
• This constellation first appeared in 1613, on a celestial globe designed by the Dutch theologian Petrus Plancius.
• Jakob Bartsch, a German mathematician, brought the constellation into general use on his star charts in 1624 under the name "Unicornu."
• Monoceros is on the celestial equator between Orion and Hydra























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